To Lose Weight, Eat Like a Kid Again

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, start eating like a child.
Before you conclude that I'm insane, consider these scenarios: a three-year-old child walking down the street with ice cream running down his arm from the half-eaten cone clutched in his sticky little fist; a two-year-old playing with (but not eating) a piece of her own birthday cake; a six-year-old who'd rather go out and play with his friends after dinner than wait for dessert.

What these children have in common is that they're paying attention to what their bodies, not their minds, are telling them. They've had ENOUGH ice cream, cake, and dinner to fill them up, and now they want to go do other things. On the other hand, when adults have had enough to eat, instead of listening to their tummies, they tune in to the insidious tape loops in their heads that say things like "Food is money — don't waste it" and "Birthdays only come once a year."

If this sounds like you, my advice is to replace your self-destructive tape loop with one that's more positive. For example, remind yourself that the treat you push away today will be available to you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day — so why not save it for when you really want it?