Behavioral Health
Most diet programs tell you what foods to eat and maybe which exercises to do — and then they stop there. But not the DCN Weight Loss Group & the DCN Network. We understand that your relationship with food is complex, and that what you eat — and how much — can have a lot to do with your other things in your life, such as time, emotions, stress, and many more possible influences. So we don't just stop with diet and exercise — we also look at the behavioral and emotional factors that affect your weight and your overall health and well-being — then we help you to take control of them.

In the Behavioral Health component of the DCN Weight Loss Group Class, you'll learn how to identify and overcome barriers to lifestyle change, reduce stress and find balance in your life, build a support network, and tap the power of positive thinking. We'll also show you how to set goals you can stick to, give yourself healthy rewards for your progress, and deal with setbacks and less-than-perfect situations. If getting motivated to start a weight-loss program — or staying motivated to stick with it — is a problem, we've got strategies that can help.

The DCN program isn't a temporary fix — it's a way to make healthy changes for a lifetime. Our behavioral health tools and resources will help you achieve long-term success.