The Foods That Fill You Up

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight is finding foods that have minimal calories, maximal taste, and that fill you up. Hands down, the food group that best satisfies those criteria is vegetables. Veggies are super-rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but they're super-low in calories because of their high water content. That last bit is important because studies show that foods containing a high percentage of water are more filling than those that don't.
Incorporating vegetables into your diet can be as easy as snacking on baby carrots or celery sticks (try dipping them in fat-free salsa if you want a little zing). You can also up your vegetable intake by "bulking out" your favorite pasta sauce or chili recipe with chopped onions, carrots, peppers, or other veggies. Simply adding a salad or an extra serving of vegetables to your lunch or dinner is another good way to ensure that you harness the appetite-suppressing power of vegetables.