Tip of the Day:
What It Takes to Burn Off Two Slices of Pepperoni Pizza
Who doesn't love a good slice of pepperoni pizza? After all, it does contain five of the major food groups (finally, the food pyramid comes in handy!). You know — the cheese comes from the dairy group; the crust comes from the grains group; the pepperoni comes from the meat group; olive oil from the fats group; and the tomato comes from the vegetable group. Sounds healthy, right? Not so fast.
Before you head to your favorite neighborhood joint and blurt out your order, take a moment to rethink your toppings and how many slices you're ordering. In fact, pizza itself really isn't the problem; it's the way we consume it. "With all the different toppings available, and the 'don't stop till you're stuffed' approach to eating it, pizza can really hinder a weight-loss program," says New York City nutritionist Carey Clifford, MS, RD.
Two slices of pepperoni pizza: 550 calories
Exercise equivalent:
• Walking: 72 minutes
• Biking: 59 minutes
• Running: 47 minutes
If you are craving a slice, watch out for the extra cheese that many pizzerias pile on. Ask them to go easy on the cheese and heavy on the veggies and tomato sauce. And order just one slice — with a salad.