The 'Innocent' Causes of Weight Gain
If you tend to grab a handful of cereal or a spoonful or two of ice cream while serving yourself a bowl, listen up. All those little extras have a way of compounding over time, and the caloric tally at day's end can be pretty sobering. Think about it — some brands of ice cream and granola contain nearly 300 calories per 1/2 cup, which means a mere tablespoon clocks in at 40 calories. Even something as innocent as cottage cheese or fruit salad can do damage if you habitually pop spoonfuls into your mouth. In fact, for many people, these little "appetizers" are a major cause of diet failure or the dreaded plateau.
The best way to nix the noshing habit is to keep your mouth otherwise occupied. Try chewing a piece of gum or sipping a no–cal beverage (like water, coffee, or tea) when you're cooking or putting together a meal or snack. Cut–up veggies are another good choice; not only do they keep you from sampling the wares, but they also start filling you up before your hit the main course.