The Best Choice in Cheese
When it comes to losing weight, cheese is often left off the menu. Why? Well, it's high in fat and it's difficult to gauge how much you're eating. Whether it's grated or sliced, it's hard to know when to say when. Especially when a healthy portion is about 1 ounce — or the size of your thumb!
Regular cheddar cheese: 114 calories for 1 ounce 75 percent reduced-fat cheddar cheese: 60 Calories saved: 54
Why it's a bargain: With one-quarter the fat, one-third the cholesterol, and half the calories of regular cheddar, the reduced-fat version lights the way for those who want a great-tasting, lower-calorie alternative. Best of all, it tastes 100 percent like cheddar and melts like a dream.
What to look out for: Many people find it difficult to switch to lower-calorie and lower-fat versions of their favorite cheeses. Lucky for them, cheese makers like Cabot, in Vermont, have made a light version that tastes as good as the original. Look for the 75 percent light varieties.