Managing the Sugar Rush on Halloween
Thanksgiving is the holiday most people think of as the official start of a six-week food fest that ends in the New Year, but I beg to differ. I think the holiday kickoff occurs nearly a month earlier — on October 31.
Halloween may be marketed as a holiday for the kiddies, but grown-ups often get in on the candy action too! This isn't a problem for a day or two, but we all know that those leftover Milky Ways, Snickers, and Kit Kats tend to stick around a lot longer. Then it's a problem, because just three "fun size" bars add more than 200 calories to your day's caloric load. At that rate, you'll be more than a pound heavier when Thanksgiving rolls around and the real eating begins. Ouch!
Here are some suggestions for avoiding candy overload on Halloween:
• Don't buy more candy than you realistically expect to give out on Halloween night.
• If you have leftovers, put aside no more than seven of your favorite items — enough for a week's worth (one a day) of sweet treats.
As for the rest of the holiday season, here are some tips to keep your calories in check at parties and get-togethers:
• Avoid high-cal alcoholic beverages like eggnog and punch at parties, and instead stick with one glass of wine or a bottle of light beer.
• Skip the chips and dips, nuts, and fried appetizers at cocktail parties. Instead, load up on boiled shrimp (just 8 calories each!), raw veggies with salsa, chicken skewers, and grapes or other fresh fruit.
• The day after a holiday feast, go right back to normal eating. If you have only a few food extravaganzas during the holiday season, your waist won't know the difference. Really!