Food Smarts
Enjoying the Holidays
Between office parties and family functions — not to mention all that shopping that needs to get done — how will you have time to stick to your healthy habits? Try arming yourself with these sensible and realistic eating and exercise tips:
• Triage, triage, triage. This is just a fancy word for prioritizing your time and energy for the stuff that matters most. Start by making a list of everything you want to accomplish in a day or week, with the most essential tasks at the top. You'll feel a real sense of accomplishment as you check completed items off.
• Schedule yourself in. Make sure your triage list includes exercise, even if it has to be a shorter workout than usual. Not only does exercise help burn off those extra holiday calories, it's also a major stress reliever.
• Stick to the basics. Now's not the time to experiment with a new eating regimen. Sticking with the tried-and-true as best you can will help you enter the New Year without any extra holiday flub.
• Indulge wisely. The holidays offer all too many opportunities to go overboard with calorie-packed foods and beverages. Rather than say no to everything (which often leads to a guilt-filled binge), allow yourself a few planned indulgences throughout the season.
Stick with these tips and you'll be more relaxed this holiday season. When the New Year rolls around you'll be in a much better place to kick it off right!